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Brandon Sanderson – 321 – Lesson 1 – Architect vs Gardener

From Brandon Sandersons lectures in 2014. The first lesson is about the different types of authors. The Gardener and the Architect.

The Gardener

This type of author wants to write the book from front to back with little help of notes. The result is often very good a realistic characters. They are written as the do what they do. Everything fits into what the character should do and nothing is forced. But the problem is that the endings are not as good and well built. You usually have 6-7 times the drafts that the Architect have.

The Architect

This type on the other hand are the reverse of the Gardener. The stories are well-built. The drafts are often not in the double digits. But the characters can often feel forced. A character can some times do things that may not feel like their personality. But they have to do it to fit the story.

Which to choose?

Most authors falls in between these to archetypes. Garderners use a few milestones. Architects use many milestones but characters are written more fluidly. Most authors lean towards the Architect type as the writing becomes easier. But there are many gardeners out there to. One is mentioned in the lecture.

Swedish Writer’s Magazine

A few years ago a Tidningen Skriva (lit. Magazine Writer’s) and they have short story competition that use a theme for writer’s to write something around. Like ”Table” and at the deadline a winner is published in the magazine. I will use these competitions to practice writing.

They give you only 4000 characters to play with and which gives me around 200-400 words usually. They will be written in Swedish but translated. In some cases the character amount can be exceeded in the translations.

NaNoWriMo 2017

My First NaNoWriMo in 2016 I succeeded. I wrote 50,000 words in a somewhat cohesive story. I pledge this time to. The problem for me last time and seems to be this year to is to choose story.

I have never had a problem with story ideas. I have a large document with ideas. The problem instead is to choose one from the binder that if it was a paper document it would be at least 3 cm (1,18 inch) thick.

I do an outline before which is permitted by the rules. To make sure the write trough goes with as few bumps as possible.

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